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Got Game But No Fame?!?

How do you get your game noticed? How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you generate interest from press? How do you execute a PR campaign? How do you start, and where do you go?

You have discovered the right place! I have the skills, the talent, the experience and the network of media that you seek. I offer a press release writing and distribution service to the largest database of games industry press contacts in the world! Seriously. I offer a direct point-of-contact to leading editors, writers, bloggers, freelancers, YouTuber’s & Twitcher’s, all covering games-related editorial content and news.

To the inexperienced, a PR campaign is an affordable and effective way of creating hype, interest and awareness in your products, and is a great tool to announce new games, updates to existing games or to promote Crowdfunding campaigns. Since 2009, I have promoted more than 3.000+ indie games and I continue to help Indies achieve press coverage, more downloads and in many cases, vastly increased sales. I promote all types of games; Alpha, Beta, pre-release, Early Access and of course brand new games on any platform. All games that I promote must be approved in advance.

A PR campaign is only as good as its database of press contacts, and my list of media is updated on a daily basis and currently includes more than 50.000+ games outlets. All of my contacts are verified contacts, not “fake press” abusing or reselling your review keys.

So how does it work?

I research your game and provide you with a professionally written press release

This means I check out your game, I playtest if possible, I watch your trailer and I identify the key-selling points. I also look at your Twitter, your Facebook and your presskit() if you have one. I take this knowledge and write a kickass press release as the foundation for the promotion. In most cases the press release is between 1-2 pages long. Some developers have a pre-written press release of their own which they prefer for me to use, which is totally cool with me if the quality meets my standards.

I share the press release with my worldwide network of games press 

When the press release is done, it will be sent to you for comments and approval. I never share anything with press without your prior consent. I take your feedback and I continue to edit, update or completely rewrite any parts of the text that you are unhappy with, and I provide you with updated versions of the text to approve. When you are 100% satisfied with the completed text I take the finished copy and share with my worldwide network of games press on a date and time of your choice. You are CCed as a recipient on the distribution so you know exactly when your promotion effectively begins.

I set up a Google Alert to monitor your games popularity

To monitor news clippings and the popularity of your game I create a Google Alert. There are many ways for you to monitor interest in your title and Google Alert is a great foundation. These alerts typically have links to news postings and public reviews about your title. You may provide me with unique links for the PR-text if you have special preferences, but unless other is agreed, I use Google Alerts, which I share with you as often as I receive them.

I copy you on all emails sent to press concerning your game

For the duration of the promotion, I will CC you on all emails sent to (and received from) members of the press concerning your game. For example, if a journalist asks me for a review key I will introduce you to the journalist by email allowing you to share a key directly. This way, you gain knowledge about which games journalists are interested in your game, and which key(s) they receive for evaluation. Another common example is links to news articles. For all PR campaigns, my network of press sends me links to their coverage of your game. I forward these emails to you. I also forward any other type of emails that I receive from press concerning your title. You can create your own press list for the future using the contacts that I introduce you to. During the promotion, you will always have 100% clarity of who reaches out to me and why.

Here is a breakdown of my Games Promotion Service

  • I research your game and draft you a professional press release within 48 hours.
  • I promote your game for a period of 30 days.
  • I introduce you to all journalists showing an interest in your game.
  • I use Google Alert™ as press clipping monitoring.
  • I send you links to reviews, articles, videos and any other content during the promotion.
  • I distribute your press release to my general network of worldwide games journalists.
  • I distribute your press release to print media, tabloids and newspapers.
  • I distribute your press release to YouTube™ gaming channels.
  • I distribute your press release to Twitch™ broadcast gaming channels.
  • I distribute your press release to Alexa™-ranked games media.
  • I distribute your press release to trade media.

Send me a link to your game and trailer, and I will provide you with a quote for the promotion. If you have multiple games to promote there are discounts, and I can tailor a custom promotion for your particular title based on your specific needs.

For all services rendered, I accept PayPal & all major credit cards. I do not accept royalties or revenue share as forms of payment.

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