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Curriculum Vitae | Resume

2018 – 2020 : Agent & Consultant

Representing indie game developers across the world with their public relations, marketing, and business development needs.

2016 – 2017 : CEO, EnsenaSoft

EnsenaSoft is an award-winning game developer and publisher founded in Mexico in 2009 and consists of a talented group of designers, artists, programmers and musicians all committed to creating high-quality digital games content. Responsibilities included corporate strategy, sales, public relations, marketing, and business development.

2009 – 2015 : President, GAME PROMOTER™

GAME PROMOTER™ established in 2009 with the intent of servicing small- to medium-sized game developers with their business, public relations, and marketing needs. Our goal is to help and assist you in getting your games successfully exposed to industry press and consumers worldwide. Our experienced team of professional marketers has worked in the industry for decades and has specialized in the business of selling, promoting and marketing of games.

2004 – 2009 : President, United Coders (Work-For-Hire, Agent and Consultant)

Relocated in the spring of 2004 from Denmark to the Bay Area in California. United Coders returned to its roots as a privately owned, third-party contract game development studio creating original content, as well as doing work-for-hire assignments for other game developers and publishers in need of short- & long-term assistance.

  • Responsible for all Business Operations & Management.
  • Managed several external 3rd party development teams.
  • Worldwide Business Development with developers and publishers.
  • Worldwide PR & Marketing with developers and publishers.
  • Game Production, Project Management & Scheduling. SCRUM.
  • Game Producer, Executive Level, Internal as well as External.
  • Hiring Manager Worldwide (in-house & contractors).
  • Evaluation of technologies and choice of middleware and hardware for projects.
  • Hands-on Low-Level C & ASM Programming : Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft XBOX
  • Hands-on Low-Level C & ASM Programming : Nintendo GBC, GBA, WiiWare & XBLA
  • Prototyping, Game Demos & Presentations.
  • Technical writing. Also Game Design Documents, Pitches, Presentations.
  • Internal, as well as external, Q/A on all projects

Doubled as an Agent and Consultant for a number of start-ups and established game development studios and publishers in Europe and North America.

2000 – 2004 : Public Relations & Marketing Gunslinger

  • Senior European PR Manager, VU Games (Blizzard, Sierra & Black Label Games)
  • European Editor-In-Chief & Co-Publisher, Insert Coin
  • Nordic PR Manager, JoWood Productions
  • Technical PR Specialist, Creative Labs Nordic
  • Nordic PR Manager, Memorex Products, Europe

1987 – 1999 : Editorial Gunslinger

  • Nordic Editor-In-Chief (In-House) : Egmont Online / Game Reactor
  • Nordic Editor-In-Chief (In-House) : T&T Media for Nintendo Magazine, PlayStation Magazine, PC Player Magazine & Tips & Tricks Magazine.
  • CD-ROM Editor | Staff Writer (In-House) : Audio Media for Alt Om Data, Privat Computer, CD-Rom Spil and GameZone.
  • Freelance Writer, IC Run
  • Freelance Writer, COMputer & Det Nye COMputer
  • Freelance Writer, HighScore Professional
  • Freelance Writer, AMIGA Magasinet
  • Freelance Writer, AMIGA Interface
  • Freelance Writer, Dreamcast Magasinet

1996 – 1997 : GiliSoft ApS

Joined GiliSoft to work as Games Programmer and Producer on educational games. Produced 30+ titles localized into Nordic languages and sold into retail.

1988 – 1989 : Commodore Business Machines (CBM | Amiga Corp)

Technical Consultant hired to promote the hardware, software and games catalog for the Commodore C64 & AMIGA computers.

Award-Winning Games Industry Veteran & Novelist