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What You Need Is What I Do!


Do you need help promoting your game? I have the skills, the talent, the experience and the network of media that you seek. I offer press release writing and distribution to the largest database of games industry press contacts in the world! Seriously. I offer a direct point-of-contact to leading editors, writers, bloggers, freelancers, YouTuber’s & Twitcher’s, all covering games-related editorial content and news. I offer worldwide PR campaigns in addition to region- and country-specific PR distribution. I offer localization, as well. For detailed information about games promotion, tap here.


Are you running a Crowdfunding campaign in risk of not reaching its target? Are you planning a future campaign? Do you need help and advice on what works and what doesn’t? I have battle wounds and first-hand experience from the front-lines of Crowdfunding, and to date, I have successfully supported more than one hundred Crowdfunding campaigns.


Do you need help growing your business? Do you need help selling your game on popular channels? Do you need a publisher contract? Do you want to become a licensed developer with Sony, Nintendo or XBOX? Perhaps you need help with sales or distribution, internationally? I knock down barriers and open doors taking your business to the next level.


Producing games is difficult without money. Through my network of partners, I can financially support a limited number of quality products each year. I firmly believe that IP belongs to the developer, and I don’t take ownership of your game. I can help bring your product to market if I feel it has commercial appeal and significant sales potential.


Do you have a plan and strategy for updating and maintaining your Social Media content? Is your branding on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Social Media coherent and consistent? What you do on Social Media matters and will impact your business. I can help strengthen and grow your relationship with customers, fans, followers, and press.


I can help you define the scope and direction of your game studio. I can help with business plans, budgets, corporate profile and presentation, identity and branding. Together, we can create a corporate and cultural strategy to maximize profits and secure future growth.


I can help you decipher the cryptic contract you received from your publisher. I can prepare a contract for you from scratch. I can help and advise you with any legal matter that you may encounter from the basic non-disclosure agreement to complex worldwide employment contracts.

Hans Frederik Olsen | Celebrating 30 Years In Games | 1987 - 2020