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Born and raised in Køge, Denmark, Olsen kicked off his professional career in 1988, as he accepted a position to work as a consultant for Commodore Business Machines to promote the Commodore AMIGA™ brand of home computers and its growing catalog of software and games. Prior to this, Hans had founded United Coders in 1987, a game studio focused on creating computer games and productivity software for the early generation of 8- and 16-bit home computers. An avid gamer, passionate writer and experienced low-level programmer, he contributed technical and mainstream editorial content to an array of popular publications, including IC Run, COMputer, HighScore Professional, AMIGA Magasinet, AMIGA Interface, and Dreamcast Magasinet.

Hans spent a few years working at a retail computer specialist Pro Computer, where he eventually promoted to manager. Headhunted to work as a games programmer for GiliSoft, Olsen left retail to join the developer and specialized in educational games and e-learning content. When GiliSoft fell victim to the multimedia crash in the 90s, Olsen returned to journalism and accepted a position as CD-ROM Editor and Staff Writer with Audio Media, a reputable magazine publisher responsible for publications such as Alt Om Data, Privat Computer and CD-ROM Spil (later GameZone). Following his stint with Audio Media, Hans accepted a position with T&T Media as their Nordic Editor-In-Chief of PC Player, PlayStation Magasinet and Nintendo Magasinet. Rounding up his editorial endeavors, Olsen joined Game Reactor (owned by Egmont Online) as their first pan-Nordic Editor-In-Chief.

Entering the new millennium in Y2K, Hans set up shop as an entrepreneur re-branding United Coders to become a consultancy firm specializing in public relations, marketing, and business development. Within a year, his new company had established itself as a leading partner to developers, publishers, and distributors across Europe. And in August of 2001, Hans was the co-founder and European Editor-In-Chief of Insert Coin, an exclusive trade-only publication sponsored entirely by ads with a print circulation of 10.000 copies. Insert Coin was distributed to industry peers, analysts, insiders and members of the press.

Hans continued his career by accepting numerous executive positions. Working as the Nordic PR-Manager for JoWood Productions, he was responsible for the launch of a series of simulation- and strategy games. Hired by Creative Labs Nordic as their Technical PR-Specialist, Olsen promoted and marketed an impressive array of products spanning from innovative MP3 players to speakers, graphics cards and other multimedia accessories. Representing Memorex Products in Europe, Hans was tapped as their Nordic PR-Manager and was in charge of the entire catalog of accessories and multimedia storage devices. And finally, Olsen was recruited by recommendation to become the Senior European PR-Manager at Vivendi Universal Games, where he was tasked with representing high-profile brands from Sierra®, Black Label Games®, Valve®, and Blizzard®.

In the spring of 2004, Hans relocated from Denmark to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California and spent five years working as Technical- and Executive-Producer on a handful of work-for-hire game projects for PC, Microsoft XBOX® 360 / XBLA® and the Nintendo DS™ / Nintendo Wii™.

In 2009, Olsen founded GAME PROMOTER, a market-leading consultancy firm specialized in helping indie game developers with their public relations, marketing, and business development needs. And in January 2016, Hans accepted a position as CEO at EnsenaSoft, a position he held for two years, prior to returning as an independent consultant and marketer in 2018.

Award-Winning Games Industry Veteran & Novelist